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Anyone who uses traditional dating apps, such as Tinder and Happn, knows that part of the profiles are people who are committed in search of casual outings. In general, these users hide their face or name to avoid the risk of being caught www hookup com.

However, despite the large adherence to these platforms, there are others, more segmented, to unite people with this same objective. In Brazil, one of the most famous services is called Ashley Madison. Despite its North American origin, according to information released by the company, Brazil is the country that most uses services for jumping around.

On the website or application, it is possible to create the registration for free. There, there are instructions to keep your use as discreet as possible: it is recommended to use anonymous browsing windows and create an e-mail account without identification with the name, so that no one else has access. When registering, the person informs if he is single, committed and what he is looking for. For example: “committed woman looking for men”, “woman looking for women”. Only for profiles of women looking for men, the site is free. For male or female profiles that seek to meet other women, packages are paid and the amounts vary according to the quantity and type of messages sent (whether you want to speak in real time or not, for example).

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